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Order your blood test today to aid in the diagnoses of your health condition.

Comprehensive Range of
Diagnostic Tests

Whether it is diabetes, pregnancy, hypertension, thyroid, infertility, HIV, drug testing the Medical & Immunodiagnostic Lab Ltd will take samples of your blood, carry out the necessary tests and provide accurate results to our customers as quickly as possible.

You Can Rely on Our Certified Technologists


High-Quality Blood
Test Solution

MID Lab (Medical & Immunodiagnostic Lab Limited) provides the highest quality in blood testing and service. We offer a complete range of blood testing solutions aimed to help you in the best way possible. Bring any lab request to us, our prices are competitive and we accept all major insurances.



Get accurate
results promptly

We are completely equipped with state of the art equipment so that the results are completely accurate. Our Laboratory tests assist the Doctors in providing improved patient care. Our tests range from routine testing to highly complex ones, performed by highly trained Medical Technologists.


Collecting blood samples


It is always beneficial to keep a check on your blood glucose levels. Our test results are accurate, and you get them on time.


Lab testing

HIV Testing

In most cases, HIV doesn’t show any symptoms or obvious signs for years. It’s better to go for an HIV testing if you’re concerned.


Drug Testing

Drug Testing

We have the required expertise and facilities to carry out an accurate and reliable drug test for our clients in a timely manner.


Jamaica’s Most Reliable Blood Test Service

Drug Testing
Blood Testing
Blood sample being checked under microscope
Checking test result

For Reliable Results at
Reasonable Rates

At MID Lab (Medical & Immunodiagnostic Lab Limited), we offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic blood tests for insurance purposes, job medicals and school medicals. These tests are performed by certified technologists at competitive prices. We deliver results in a timely manner and we offer house calls and office calls. Our staff consists of qualified individuals who are experts in efficiently carrying out the test and providing accurate results. If you have any queries related to our services, please give us a call and our team will be more than happy to assist.


Diabetes • Hypertension • Infertility
• HIV Drug Testing

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